About Us

So what's this talk of a Diaper Bag for Dad, you're probably wondering? Look around. If you notice Dads wearing Mommy bags - those brightly coloured, feminine, floral kinds - then you'll totally get it.

DaddyKool is the first of its kind in South Africa to design and manufacture exclusive Diaper Bags that Dads can finally own and wear with pride. These bags are more than a fashion item; they are a means to ensure that Dad has everything he needs on him when out with his little one. To be out with baby and not fully equipped with baby's essentials can wreak havoc. We assist Dad to be prepared and in control when on shift.

As Dads are rising up and taking a more significant role in parenting, they deserve to feel valued, which is why our bags are designed and manufactured with quality and aesthetics in the forefront. It is our mission to ensure that hip, happening and hands-on Dads have something to revel in. For all those Dads, this is for you. Dads, keep your kool.